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The Dolls Are Good is the latest project of film-maker/producer "NA". Drawing on the sounds of his roots in Northern England, the project draws on the ambition, excitement and eclecticism of the UK music scene in the 1990s.

NA's interest in music started at a young age when he started to use tracker software and a basic sampler on a Commodore Amiga to create compositions on the backdrop of the emerging UK jungle scene.

By his University years he had lived through the excitement of the Shoegaze, Britpop, Trip-Hop and independent Hip Hop movements and was a part time DJ, using any spare cash to buy records, even at the expense of food.

Those formative years led to an exploration of many genres of music and experimentation with synths, analogue equipment, and  lots of sampling!


Fast forward to now...

Using a repertoire of electronic styles, sampled snippets and psychedelic nostalgia, the Dolls Are Good is here to create a retrofitted sound for our collective future, one which can't neatly be pigeonholed into a formulaic playlist and a sound which is only for the most discerning ear. It's made simply so it exists, not for fame or fortune, but just to be out there.